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Save Time, Save Energy, & Increase Mobility with Induction Ranges

Induction cooking works through electromagnetism. Electricity is sent through an induction coil that generates a magnetic field just above the cooking surface. When induction-ready cookware is placed on the cooktop, the magnetic field rapidly vibrates the molecules in the cookware, heating the pan. This means only the cookware and not the cooktop surface is heated. Since the tempered ceramic or glass cooking surface is unaffected by the magnetic field, it stays cool to the touch.

Induction cooking is an effective solution in situations where open-flame cooking is not practical or not allowed by policy or fire code. It also gives you a mobile option where a source of natural gas or propane may not be available, such as mobile kitchens, food trucks, or off-site catering.

Induction cooking is more energy efficient than both gas and conventional electric equipment. This is because of the principals of heat transfer and conservation. Because induction cooking heats only the pan and not the cooking surface, about 90% of the energy an induction cooktop uses is transferred directly to the pan! Compare that to conventional electric where about 65% of the heat generated is transferred to the pan or to gas where it is only about 55%.

Induction cooking saves time! The rapid vibration of the molecules inside the pan makes for quick heat generation. On average, induction ranges can bring a pot of water from room temperature to a rapid boil in less than three minutes. Who says a watched pot never boils? Whoever did apparently was not using an induction cooktop!

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