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OptiPure Water Filtration Systems

Protect your investment and increase quality with OptiPure water filtration systems! Undissolved particles in your water supply such a dirt and silt combine with dissolved minerals and act as a catalyst for scale buildup. Scale buildup increases energy consumption by causing equipment to work harder. This ultimately results in malfunctions and unscheduled maintenance calls. Many municipalities utilize chlorine in the water supply as a disinfectant to kill pathogens. However, chlorine in the water can result in odors and off-tastes from ice or beverage machines that utilize the water.

The Benefits of Water Filtration

Any commercial equipment that utilizes a water intake like coffee brewers, steamers, or ice machines benefit significantly from the addition of an OptiPure system. They mitigate the buildup of scale that results in costly repairs and higher energy bills. Beverage equipment using OptiPure systems produce better tasting beverages by filtering out the chlorine that causes odors and off tastes. Ice machines equipped with OptiPure filters produce clearer, higher quality ice for better drink presentations, and increased guest satisfaction.

OptiPure Water Filters Protect Your Investment

An OptiPure system will help your equipment maintain its peak operating efficiency and extend its lifetime. It will also protect your manufacturer’s warranty. One of the first things service technicians check during a warranty service call is the use of water filtration and softeners. Avoid the headaches of downtime, voided warranties, and expensive service invoices by installing an OptiPure filtration system.

Replacing Your Filter Cartridge

As your filter cartridge gets dirtier over time, it becomes more difficult for water to pass through the filter medium. This in turn affects the production and performance of your equipment. Depending on how much you use your equipment, you should change your filter cartridge as needed, or at least once every six months.

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