Allpoints 135-1233 Pilaster ClipAllpoints 135-1233 Pilaster Clip

AllPoints 135-1233 Pilaster Clip

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Pilaster, clip, square slotted shelf support, zinc-plated steel

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AllPoints 135-1233 Pilaster, clip, square slotted shelf support, zinc-plated steel, for use with:


MCCALL – 1-1018, 1-1020GD, 1-1045GD, 1-1070F, 2-2018, 2-2070F, 4-4018, 4-4020, 4-4020F, 4-4020GD, 4-4070F, 5-5018, Apr-45, P-15-16, ST-27-2, ST-45-2, ST-45-3, ST-59-4, STSA-20-FSE

RANDELL – 40048A, 44250DIMA, 44250DIPA, 44250DISA, 44262DIMA, 44262DIPA, 44262DISA, 44274DIMA, 44274DIPA, 44274DISA, 51386AM, 51605A, 52387POM, 9000K-7 Series, 9030K, 9030K-7, 9040K-7, 9045K-7, 9050K-7, 9050K-7M, 9205-32AM, 9215-32-7F, 9215F-32-7, 9802-7

TRUE – TSSU-36-12M

VICTORY – AR-47-S3, FAA-1D-S7-SD, FAA-2D-S7-SD, FAA-3D-S7-SD, RA-1D-S7-HD, RA-1D-S7-PT-GD-HD, RA-1D-S7-PT-HD, RA-2D-S7-GD, RA-2D-S7-HD, RL-1D-S7-PT-HD, RLRA-1D-S7, RLRA-1D-S7-HD, RLRA-2D-S7-28-HD, RLRS-1D-S7-PT-HD-28, RLRS-2D-S7-PT-HD, RUFS-1D-S7, RURS-1D-S7, UF-48, UR-48, UR-48-10A, UR-48-12A, UR-48-8A, UR-48-SST, VF-2, VF3, VPT-119, VPT-46, VPT-65, VPT-88, VR-1-HD, VUR-4-18BT, VUR-5-24BT, VUR3-BT, VUR4-12BT, VUR4-18BT, VUR5-18BT, VUR5-24BT, VUR60-12, VUR60-16, VUR60-SBS, VUR60-SST, VUR72-12, VUR72-18

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